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AGI is making investments in your future. Our goal is to offer you a better lifestyle with luxury and the frills that in most cases only the very rich can afford. We can do this through private investors that allow us to keep our homes at a lower cost. .


We back our own purchases and pass that savings to you. Whether you are buying or renting you will be working with our in-house team. Not some over charging bank or mortgage company. We offer the most effective rates on market with a buy back policy if the market crashes. As a new investment company AGI is clearing grounds for a better tomorrow. .


Our homes have been purchased by AGI and now they are financed by AGI to you. We have cut out the high cost of a middle man and to make life simpler we are also offering insurance coverage on what we sell. Before there were homes that could not get FLOOD or huricane insurance, not anymore we offer a full package. AGI is here for you. Right now our buy package is limited to Florida but we are expanding into other areas and other countries. Follow us as we grow and get ready to ride with us to a better tomorrow.

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Celtic born & bred Blair is the first in her family to join the US clan of Celt Tribes. In just 3 short years she has grown to be one of our top realtors in Florida. Now heading the Michigan offices we know we can count on her to bring us some of the finest real estate in north Michigan.


Coming from Japan to the US was one of Norios' first goals. Now his goal is to be the best in his field at real estate investing. He brought in several investors that allow us to continue to bring to our clients exclusive properties in the state of Florida. He works for our private offices in Miami Florida.


April graduated from University of Jamestown in North Dakota with a BA in business. She continued her degree in real estate. Working in putting together AGI was one of her first projects. She heads of the firm here in North Dakota searching for special properties along the way.


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