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What AGI is all

AGI is an investment company that typically invests in real estate. We know that the real estate market is always going to be profitable, but should it only be profitable for the rich? Our goal is to buy when the market is at it's lowest and to pass the savings along to you at an affordable price. Putting you in luxury surroundings so that you to can live the American dream. We have a group of private investors that not only allows us to buy exclusive high end properties but it also allows us to finance them for you. Our interest rates are the best that can be found. Our communities are hand picked, our clients are tomorrows future. We are a totally private investing enterprise made up of a selected few.

We started our journey in 2015 since then we have acquired approximately 30 Florida homes, but our journey is not over its only beginning.  We are hoping to spread out into other states. Get onboard and follow us as we go and perhaps we will be in your area soon.

Beginning 2019 we decided to give back. We have several rental homes in Michigan, North Dakota, and Las Vegas that we would like to offer to low income seniors. Senior housing is one of the most desired commodity there is out there in todays market, yet the average senior can not afford to get into any decent place. Most have become dependent on the system to and the system is failing. What we will offer is a complete home or apartment furnished and ready to be occupied at a fraction of the cost.  Right now we have only four (4) dwellings that can meet those specifications but we will be adding to our list.  Contact us for a list of available properties. Our goal is to work with you in paying your bills, no deposits, no securities, no problems.  Check our site for state locations each month and welcome to the ALL GOOD community. 

Meet Our Team

Margaret is our newest agent searching for real estate in Louisiana.


Steven is young, fun and searching the Florida Keys for over the top properties.


Part of the family April is up in North Dakota working on isolated places to buy with property.